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How to transition to a smart factory with Siemens and AWS

By Blake Snodgrass

In an IIOT World article, they discuss companies’ transitioning to a smart factory to take complete advantage of the Industrial Internet of things (IIOT). These innovative technologies collect and centralize enormous amounts of valuable machine data from industrial environments.  IIOT solutions also collect, aggregate, analyze and deliver data insight to enable quick action to increase functioning efficiency and production. The result of these actions improves quality by speeding time to market with actual performance and production feedback.

Today’s manufacturers face many challenges with advancing technologies to optimize profits and efficiencies in parallel to reducing costs. Furthermore, there’s a subsequent demand to accelerate value realization amidst several troublesome challenges, including:

  • Aging infrastructures that lead to maintenance cost, loss of productivity, and wasted resources,
  • Maintaining assets even in unplanned downtime,
  • Mass customization demands and
  • Smaller companies are disrupting the tipping point in the market.

A Smart Factory enables the ability to remain competitive in a progressively connected world. It is a factory where the manufacturers utilize digitalization to transform business operations and improve profits. It uses an ongoing output of integrated data accumulated from system-wide assets, analyzes it and optimizes factory operations automatically to allow humans to make decisions proficiently. Therefore, it helps companies learn, adapt, and address market and customer demands. 

Digitalized solutions and software are necessary to implement a fully functioning smart factory.

Siemens’ software solutions

Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio helps companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins that provide organizations with new insights, opportunities, and automation levels to drive innovation.

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