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Model-based systems engineering – the way forward for electric aircraft and UAM manufacturers

By Scott Salzwedel

Advancements in electric aircraft and urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles are happening on a daily basis.

In order for aircraft OEMs to innovate – as well as build a safe and reliable product – a new approach to product development is required.

Companies breaking new ground in electric aircraft development are embracing model-based systems engineering (MBSE), which is growing in popularity because of its disciplined approach to systems engineering. MBSE brings a new level of integration and efficiency to complex systems and processes across the many multi-domains needed to build these fascinating machines.

When companies move to MBSE they collaborate more easily across domains and throughout the entire supply chain.

Learn more about the MBSE digital thread

For more information about the benefits of the Siemens MBSE digital thread, I encourage you to read this new article by Dale Tutt “Leveraging MBSE to propel electric aircraft” in the May/June issue of Aerospace Manufacturing & Design.

Now’s the time to ditch those old outdated practices and procedures for a modern, more digitalized approach.

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I’m proud to announce a new season of Talking Aerospace Today. Many of the previous episodes focused explicitly on MBSE. Visit the podcast website for all available episodes.

This new season focuses on the design considerations and manufacturability of zero-emissions aircraft. Listen to our first episode “Cleaner, greener propulsion systems in the era of advanced air mobility” now.

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