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Future Car podcast – An overview of autonomy and shared mobility

By Conor Peick

In episode three of the transportation revolution series, Nand Kochhar and I begin a two-part discussion on the development of autonomous vehicles and shared mobility systems. Our discussion focuses on the overall trends that are intertwined with the development of self-driving cars. Some key topics include regulations and policy, partnerships, and how companies can most effectively marry the many disciplines involved in AV development. You can check out the episode below:

The developers of autonomous vehicles face several concurrent challenges. From the technology side, there is an immense amount of new electrical and electronic content needed to enable a vehicle to perceive and respond to its environment. This includes more electrical wiring, more sensors and more cutting-edge integrated circuits. These vehicles also have to provide new and exciting experiences for users. The resulting increase in content is driving some teams to consider entirely new vehicle architectures to support the considerable demands of an autonomous vehicle platform.

At the same time, regulations and policy need to be developed in collaboration with various governmental and industry organizations to ensure safe and effective autonomous vehicle deployment. This is made even more critical by the continued growth of large cities around the world, and the immense stress this puts on transportation systems.

Even still, companies of all sizes and from both within and outside of the automotive industry are leaping at the chance to develop fully autonomous vehicles. One thing that unites these companies is their prioritization of digital transformation. These companies are capturing information digitally and using it to drive the design and optimization of their self-driving vehicles. The result is better decision making and more efficient and effective development processes.

In the final episode of the Future Car series on the ongoing transportation revolution, Nand and I will continue our discussion of autonomous vehicles and dive into more detail on development challenges, solutions and the role of policymakers in their eventual deployment.

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