Welcome to the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Challenges

By Matthias Heinicke
Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Challenge

Calling all solvers to challenge your simulation skills.

Solve quarterly posted tasks, earn your badge, win prizes, and become part of the community!

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software is used for simulation and optimization of production systems, logistics, and processes. You can create a digital twin of a process, a production line, or even a full factory, to develop, enhance, or adjust it to new requirements.

Your invited

Siemens invites you to show your approaches to solving given tasks with Plant Simulation software in our Tecnomatix Plant Simulation challenges. The detailed tasks will be announced one after another and you can participate in each of them.

  • Task 1 is live now and challenges you to simulate a highway charging station for electric vehicles and optimize it for the required number of vehicle chargers.
  • Task 2 will go live in July 2022.
  • Task 3 will go live in October 2022.

What’s in for you?

Besides the competition, all participants that enter a reasonable solution will receive a digital badge. The badge is a certification that you can share in your social networks to prove your Plant Simulation knowledge. And you can win some great prizes.

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