Virtual Commissioning for Material Handling in just minutes, for free

By Mike Rouman

With the advent of the Digital Twin of the mechanical, electrical and behavioral model of material handling systems, Siemens Digital Industries Software complements its solutions with the ability to drive those Digital Twins using the same programmable logic controller (PLC) programs that drive its corresponding Physical Twin. When combined with Siemens TIA Portal and PLCSim Advanced software, the Digital Twin of the controller, you have yourself a powerful digital platform to virtually commission your material handling systems.

Virtual commissioning provides:

  • A common virtual space for multi-disciplinary specialists to collaborate, develop and test automation logic and control programs
  • In-depth simulation of the material handling system
  • Shifting the commissioning process off the production floor, cutting costs significantly
  • Allowing early identification and resolution of automation issues and optimization of controls programming

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No installation required; simply sign-up and use Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Commissioning and TIA Portal in your internet browser.

Why Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Commissioning and TIA Portal?

  • Optimize production lines including inter- and intra- logistics
  • Virtually commission transport systems such as conveyance and AGVs
  • Virtually commission integration of automation for line(s) with multiple control systems
Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Commissioning and TIA Portal cloud trial features:
  • Getting started is easy with sample files and exercises supporting your progress
  • No massive downloads or lengthy installations
  • Instant access anytime, anywhere
  • Tecnomatix Plant Simulation and TIA Portal (PLCSim Advanced and WinCC) access is granted for 30 days.
In three easy steps you can get up and running right away:
  1. Sign up with an account
  2. Confirm your Email / account
  3. Launch the trial in a browser
Plant Simulation Commissioning and TIA Portal Free Trial
You can get up to speed quickly with easy-to-access support material.

From the launch page, you can access:

  • Video tutorials on key Plant Simulation Commissioning capabilities
  • Links to online documentation
  • Link to knowledge-based articles on the Siemens Community
  • Chat window for support
  • Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Community – free. Connect with a vibrant, online community of Plant Simulation experts and users to ask questions, get tips and share tricks.


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