Video: Virtual Commissioning: Connecting PLCSIM Advanced and Plant Simulation

Watch the new video, “Virtual Commissioning: Connecting PLCSIM Advanced and Plant Simulation,” to learn how to easily connect a light barrier signal with PLCSIM Advanced.

What is PLCSIM Advanced? PLCSIM Advanced is the basis for software-in-the-loop solutions in virtual commissioning. Virtual controller PLCSIM Advanced is based on the SIMATIC S7-1500. An open interface (API) ensures flexible use with other simulation tools and test environments.

Tecnomatix with PLCSIM Advanced is Siemens’ powerful combination to address a variety of different use cases when it comes to virtual commissioning.  Automated production lines and material handling systems can be sized and optimized. They can be virtual commissioned this way, too.

Watch “Virtual Commissioning: Connecting PLCSIM Advanced and Plant Simulation.”

Video transcript: Connecting PLCSIM Advanced and Plant Simulation

With Tecnomatix Plant Simulation in combination with PLCSIm Advanced, Siemens offers a solution for virtual commissioning of transport systems such as the AGV master control, conveying systems, conveying systems, skillet systems, and electronic monorail systems.  The software enables the virtual commissioning for line integration when you need to integrate machines from different vendors into yur system or you want to introduce standardization for machine interfaces.  

Finally, a combination of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation and PLCSIM Advanced can be used to optimize sensor positioning, routing strategie, realizing planning reliability by simulation, and evaluation of process alternatives.  

Let’s see how you can create a sensor in Siemens Plant Simulation on a conveyor and connected to the automation code program within TIA Portal to control the conveyor speed.  First, let’s create a new input signal in TIA Portal and connect it with the function that controls the conveyor speed.   Create a new instance of a virtual  171500 PLCSIM Advanced and download the TIA Portal project.  

Back in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation a new sensor needs to be created on the conveyor.  In the PLCSIM Advanced interface we establish a connection to the automation, execute an automatic signal  import and start the mapping.   You can do it manually but it can be done automatically as well.   

Now we can start the automation for virtual commissioning.  We can observe in a live table of the PLCSIM Advanced interface in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation and in TIA Portal.   This is how you easily exchange signals for exchange between Tecnomatix Plant Simulation and PLCSIM Advanced.

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