This is the REAL digital twin!

By Matthias Heinicke

3D laser scans creating point clouds make Plant Simulation models look sensationally true-to-life.

Incredible size of industrial laser scans

Watch this dazzling presentation by Brian Barr of DSI Systems.

Brian Barr will give an overview of Laser Scanning and Point Cloud technology and how to utilize Point Cloud data in Plant Simulation. Brian will show the benefits of using laser scans to get dimensional data from the plant/shop floor without actually having to visit the plant, to determine interferences between new and existing equipment, to better communicate with suppliers performing the actual plant updates, and to convert point clouds into 3D assets when 3D modeling is not available.

Brian Barr works for Design Systems, Inc, USA .

Brian Barr is a veteran simulation expert with over 31 years of simulation and consulting experience.  He has spent the last 27 years building the simulation team at Design Systems, Inc.  At DSI he is responsible for project coordination, development and analysis of simulation models.  Brian is knowledgeable in numerous simulation tools and has been focused on Plant Simulation for the last 2 years.

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