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By Stephanie Aldrete

Did you know that Siemens Digital Industries Software offers free, 30-day test drives of its Plant Simulation, Process Simulate Human, and Process Simulate Commissioning software?

To ensure it is an enjoyable learning experience, you will receive weekly “how-to” tips during the trial period and have access to the Siemens Tecnomatix public community forum where you can ask questions and interact with our experts as you try out the software.

Our free trials are a great opportunity to learn more about how Tecnomatix solutions can help you to increase productivity. There is no obligation. Just download the software and let us know if you have any questions along the way.

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Software

Plant Simulation is 3D, object-oriented, discrete event simulation software that allows you to quickly and intuitively build realistic logistics models. You can also perform sophisticated production analysis using advanced statistical tools. You will learn how Plant Simulation software can help you improve material flow and throughput efficiencies. You can interactively create simulation models using the predefined library of factory and logistics objects, can edit the object parameters, and use of all of the available analytical tools. This trial also includes 3D viewing and analysis capabilities.

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Tecnomatix Process Simulate Human Software

Process Simulate Human, built on Siemens industry-leading Jack technology, is a human modeling and simulation tool that enables you to improve the ergonomics of your product designs and to refine industrial tasks. Process Simulate Human provides human-centered design tools for performing ergonomic analysis of virtual products and virtual work environments.

Process Simulate Human enables you to size your Jack and Jill human figures to match worker populations, as well as test your designs for multiple factors, including injury risk, user comfort, reachability, line of sight, energy expenditure, fatigue limits and other important human parameters. Using Process Simulate Human facilitates significant cost and time savings by enabling you to improve product quality and process feasibility early in the product lifecycle. In addition, you can seamlessly integrate human factors and ergonomics into the planning, design and validation stages of your product lifecycle. Businesses that use Process Simulate Human gain a significant competitive advantage thanks to classic ergonomics and human factors assessment techniques coupled with the latest visualization and simulation technologies.

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Tecnomatix Process Simulate Commissioning Software

Discover the power of Tecnomatix and SIMATIC software for virtual commissioning.  Sign up for a 30-day trial and you will discover:  1) How to model and simulate automated workcells and lines; 2) How to define and validate complete robot programs; 3) How to use a virtual PLC and HMI to validate control logic and operator interfaces.

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