Plant Simulation Software – Social Distancing Library

By Noam Ribon

The Siemens Plant Simulation team recently modeled a layer of Social Distancing considerations for anticipating areas of concern associated with Worker traffic patterns. You may have seen the movie explaining the solution here.

To help you add that layer to your new or current models, we have packaged it into a Library that can be used with minimal effort.  Our team appreciates your investment in Siemens technology and will continue to look for ways to facilitate your productivity.

You will find the Social Distancing Library in the .zip file on the Tecnomatix community, password SD. Follow this link to the community page.

And, you can find a short movie demonstrating how the Library could be used with your current models:

We would love to hear from you about enhancements or areas requiring attention. Please leave us a message below.

The underlying concept is sampling the distance between every two workers at short intervals and alerting when the distance is smaller than a set value, for example 2.0 meters. To do so efficiently the Library makes use of the Generator, an object available with Plant Simulation Professional.

If you would like to have a Starter Model for the Standard license, let us know, we will send it to you.

Please read the notes below as you apply the Plant Simulation for Social Distancing Library, available for Version 15.2.1 and later:

All code references current Frame and world coordinates. If used in other Frames current may need to be replaced with root (or other), and coordinates offset.

Unlock the Frame if needed.

Drag and drop following objects from the Social Distancing Library to the current Frame.
1.         SocialDistancingGenerator
2.         RemoveViolationsGraphics
3.         NumberOfViolations

Optional: Replace Workers with WorkerWithPerimeter

Double click SocialDistancingGenerator, open WorkerTable, add the Workers for which Social Distancing analysis is desired

Optional: Modify the following SocialDistancingGenerator values:
User-defined MinimumSocialDistance

Make certain SocialDistancingGenerator is Active

If you have questions, please contact

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