Plant Optimization – Taking Command of Manufacturing Operations

Relying only on Top Floor to Shop Floor visibility is no longer an option for 21st century manufacturers. Maximizing production capabilities and ensuring uptime is critical, requiring immediate status as an input to production schedules. Accurate useable production information becomes your foundation for continued investment in the overall Digital Enterprise.

Register now for a recorded discussion on the benefits of Plant Optimization and discover how you can take greater command of your manufacturing operations, including:

   •  Ensuring enterprise-wide optimization and operational excellence
   •  Getting the most performance from your capital investments
   •  Enhancing manufacturing intelligence and Electronic Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)
   •  Real-time and KPI visibility into process environments
   •  Identifying your production pain points
   •  Maximizing production efficiency to deliver products on time

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Chris Weber
Portfolio Development Executive
Siemens PLM Software

Chris Weber primarily focused on the development of manufacturing solutions within the Digital Enterprise. In the last 31 years, he has spent the majority of his career focused on manufacturing solutions in multiple industries such as Automotive, A&D, and Machinery. From his early years of directly supporting the plant floor, to managing Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering groups, to providing consulting services, Weber has been able to merge his manufacturing process knowledge with his digital manufacturing knowledge to help develop business solutions for Siemens customers. He holds a patent for a lifecycle digital maturity assessment model which he co-developed.

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