New videos demonstrate Process Simulate Human and NX Human software

By Stephanie Aldrete

New human simulation videos demonstrate the capabilities of Process Simulate Human and NX Human software.

Battery Assembly Validation with Process Simulate Human

Rapidly simulate assembly tasks. Review task requirements for your working population. Identify assembly issues: smaller workers could not reach all batteries. Evaluate postural demands of the task.  There is increased injury risk due to significant torso flexion. Test if a tilt table could eliminate reach and postural issues. Vision windows allow you to see what the worker will see. Even the shortest female can now reach all batteries.  Recheck postural demands to confirm injury risk is minimized.  Validate worker strength capabilities to avoid quality issues. Rapidly simulate assembly steps and validate feasibility.  Evaluate reach, strength, visibility and other key ergonomic criteria.  Prove success of workstation redesigns virtually.

Connector Design Verification – NX Human

Create hands to represent your design population.  Use rapid posturing tools to position hand on the connector.  Connector height is insufficient for a worker to grip.  Redesign connector with taller housing and re-evaluate.  Taller connector provides sufficient grip surface for worker. Rapidly posture the hand for design validation.  Evaluate hand clearance for assembly and maintenance.  Modify and test design changes early on.

These videos were created by Siemens’ human simulation software research and development team — Christina Cort and Ulrich Raschke.

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