more3D offers 3D stereo visualization software free of charge for testing, evaluation and demos

By Stephanie Aldrete

If you like to impress customers with nice immersive 3D Stereo visualizations you might consider presenting a production based on the live calculation in Plant Simulation on a Powerwall, CAVE, 3D TV or an Occulus Rift. To connect Siemens Industry Software Plant Simulation with those devices, we work together with our partner more3D. more3D offers their software, moreStereo3D and moreViz, free of charge for testing, evaluation and demonstration purposes.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Stefan J. Koch – Technical Director

more3D GmbH & Co. KG, Mainzer Straße 276, 53179 Bonn, Germany

Tel +49.221.677.8797.0


Gottfried Roosen –

more3D GmbH & CoKG, Mainzer Straße 276, 53179 Bonn, Germany,

Tel +49.221.677.8797.5

These gentlemen participated in our annual Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference in Stuttgart, Germany, in June.Their presentation, “Connecting Plant Simulation with mobile 3D and virtual reality systems,” was well receieved by 270 attendees.

You can view the presentation attached to this blog post.

Here is a glimpse of what was covered in the presentation.

The presentation shows how easy it can be to apply the benefits of 3D Stereo Visualization and Virtual Reality to your existing environment. Stereoscopic visualization can be applied at every workstation, giving the user an intuitive feeling for size and relation of objects. Virtual Reality Cave Systems enable users to collaborate in a natural way, even when being in remote sites.

more3D develops and markets 3D and VR solution for over 15 years and we are sharing our experience with you.

Please contact Matthias Heinicke with questions about Siemens Plant Simulation software.

The following are a selection of images of more3D product demonstrations at our recent Plant Simulation 2016 Worldwide User Conference in Stuttgart, Germany.






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