Manufacturing planning with a digital twin

By Zvi Feuer

Watch the Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour video blog series to experience the power of digitalization in manufacturing.

During the multi-stop tour, experts demonstrate the planning process for a Field PG assembly.  In our story, a change is necessary in the Field PG design and therefore a change must be made in the process.

In video blog #5, “Manufacturing planning with a digital twin,” experts verify the manufacturing planning process change. You will learn about the importance of a digital twin in manufacturing planning, and the key capabilities of Siemens Teamcenter Manufacturing, Process Simulate, Easy Plan, and Plant Simulation software.

Box Build Planning

A digital twin of an assembly line helps you identify issues much earlier.

Siemens Teamcenter Manufacturing

  • Increase manufacturing planning efficiency by leveraging common database for engineering and manufacturing.
  • Prepare process plans for new production introduction
  • Identify the impact of design changes in box build lines.

Watch the video to learn about Teamcenter Manufacturing.

Process Validation

A digital twin helps you visualize and analyze entire assembly operations.

Siemens Teamcenter Manufacturing & Process Simulate

  • Manage checklists for a typical product or plant
  • Ensure assembly processes adhere to best practices
  • Visual analysis helps in discussing issues upfront
  • Dashboard helps management to know the program status

Watch the video to learn more about Teamcenter Manufacturing and Process Simulate.

Shop Floor Planning

Manage plant specific process plans with ease.

Easy Plan

  • Reduced shop floor planning mistakes by having access to right information
  • Workflow based functionality leads reduced ramp up time for users
  • Plant specific operations are managed in central location leading to knowledge capture and reuse
  • Improve quality adherence by updating plant specific work instructions

Watch the video to learn about Easy Plan.

Throughput & Utilization

Plan your CAPEX properly. Keep you OPEX under control and utilize your plant to capacity.

Siemens Plant Simulation

  • Plant your capital investments, predict your operating expenses confidently
  • Maximize utilization of your production investment, deliver required output
  • Cut your per part costs by optimizing your production
  • Use your production digital twin for clear, visual communication, and for performing virtual commissioning.

Watch the video to learn more about Plant Simulation software.

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This blog is authored by Zvi Feuer, Nilesh Wani, and Noam Ribon of Siemens PLM Software.

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