Lab quality motion capture a reality

By Stephanie Aldrete

Xsens, a leading innovator in professional 3D motion tracking technology based in Netherlands, recently announced a new update in its integration with ergonomics analysis Jack software and the Process Simulate solution in the Tecnomatix portfolio.  

xsens2.jpgThe updated integration between Xsens and Siemens PLM Software’s Human Simulation software will enable even more flexible motion capture and world-class data collection outside of the lab.  

Integration enhancements

The new update sees numerous feature enhancements across both the Xsens and Siemens PLM Software portfolios, strengthening the overall power of these combined technologies:

  • Enhanced scaling model
    The ability to precisely match the Jack or Jill avatars to the human subject tracked with the Xsens application has been augmented. This improved anthropometric match between the human model and the subject being analyzed means a significant improvement in tracking accuracy and therefore deeper, more true-to-life research results.

  • Improved tracking accuracy
    Greatly improved tracking accuracy in the Xsens software makes for more portable and flexible in-field data acquisition than ever before.

  • A new way to review and edit data
    Tecnomatix enhancements include the ability to read motion capture data directly into the simulation environment, enabling users to easily review and edit the captured data, and use it to quickly build full simulations for further analysis.

The Xsens Analyze Engine

This new update comes alongside the ability for Tecnomatix users to capture in any environment without regard for magnetic distortion, thanks to the Xsens Analyze Engine – a new motion capture solution tailored to the ergonomics and workplace analysis industries. Data captured by the Analyze Engine is not affected by magnetic distortion in capture environments; a drawback encountered by previous iterations of the technology.

xsens2.jpgThis makes motion capture in manufacturing facilities more accessible than ever. Siemens PLM Software users can now capture task analysis of real humans in a more diverse range of authentic workspace environments with greater anthropometric accuracy. Such analyses include, but are not limited to, injury risk, user comfort, reachability, energy expenditure, fatigue limits, time study review, process verification, and facility layout design.  


Hein Beute, Director Product Management for Xsens Technologies: “Our partnership with Siemens PLM Software means we can offer our customers one of the most open digital manufacturing solutions available today. Users can now access best-in-class data accuracy and performance in industrial environments. Ergonomists and engineers can enter a new world of ergonomics analysis. They can access features in the field that were previously restricted to the laboratory, enabling major developments in workplace health, safety, and efficiency.”

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Enhanced Xsens and Siemens PLM Software collaboration makes lab quality motion capture a reality in the workplace

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