Immersive Engineering with Process Simulate Virtual Reality [VIDEO]

By Kelly Gallagher

Catapult your engineering practices into the immersive space using virtual reality collaboration.

Powering Digital Manufacturing with Process Simulate VR

Discover how Tecnomatix Process Simulate Virtual Reality helps manufacturers gain a competitive edge by streamlining the process of introducing new products to the market. By reinventing planning and reducing the need for physical prototyping, this tool significantly improves efficiency. In the video demonstration, explore how Process Simulate Virtual Reality is powered by cloud-based Process Simulate Collaborate, combining the accessibility with the immersive digital twin, resulting in enhanced design reviews, reduced physical validation, and ensured operator safety through real-time problem-solving in a 3D virtual environment.

The VR product capabilities include designing, analyzing, and optimizing detailed human operations by scaling virtual human figures to fit any worker population for any task simulation. Use Process Simulate Human to verify workstation design, ensuring parts can be reached, assembled, and maintained. Analyze and optimize cycle times and ergonomics to ensure safety according to industry and corporate standards. Traditionally, workcell designs required physical prototyping to ensure smooth production. However, with the Process Simulate VR tool, the need for physical validations is dramatically reduced. VR allows users to immerse themselves in the 3D plan and solve problems live in the virtual world.

VR solution hosted on cloud-based simulation technology

The Virtual reality solution is powered by Process Simulate Collaborate, combines cloud accessibility with the immersive digital twin. This means users can collaborate inside 3D designs with colleagues globally in just a few steps. Watch the video to explore how Process Simulate VR users can create invitations to immersive meetings and upload them to Process Simulate Collaborate. Guests can access the standalone VR application and create a Process Simulate Collaborate account for free, making it easy to join collaboration sessions. This solution allows you to connect with colleagues worldwide, including guests from multiple organizations.

We at Siemens are excited about this next chapter of immersive engineering in Process Simulate! Watch the full video below to see how it works.

Watch the full video

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