Episode 7 – Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour

By Zvi Feuer

Watch episode #7 of the Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour video blog series to better understand the power of digitalization in manufacturing.

During the multi-stop tour, experts demonstrate the planning process for a Field PG assembly.  In this portion of the factory tour, we tell the story from the perspective of rethinking business with additive manufacturing methods, process and production planning, shop floor operations, machining, and finishing and inspection, to inspection programming and execution.

Enjoy the tour and let us know what you think in the comments section.  If you missed previous Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour video blogs, you’ll find links to those below.

Showcase Video:  Rethink Business

Make the right manufacturing choices based on business, not tool limitations. 

  • React fast to design changes and use traditional and additive in one solution
  • Reduce molding lead time and mold assembly time with Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  • Create highly efficient conformal cooling lines and improve final molded part quality
  • Enable quality management with integrated process control

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Showcase Video: Reimagine Product

Reduce product design time and effort. Reimagine Product with Additive Technology

  • Fast, complete and streamlined mold design process and integrated mold flow simulation
  • Integration with NX CAM software allows to automatically create machining operation
  • Facilitates fast and efficient design change propagation across entire process
  • Reduce mold production time and cutting tools costs by Additive Manufacturing

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Showcase Video: Process Planning

Increase planning efficiency and maximize resource utilization

  • Maximize reuse of manufacturing resources with Manufacturing Resource Library
  • NX interoperability and integration provides bi-directional content update
  • Use a single source of data through the entire manufacturing process
  • Define the right process plan by reusing company best practices

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Showcase Video: Production Planning

Reduce programming time and minimize errors through CAM automation

  • Machine complete parts with comprehensive 2.5~5-axis operations
  • Reduce programming time with Feature-Based Machining
  • Minimal programming effort during part model updates
  • Reduce overall manufacturing process time with AM technology

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Showcase Video: Shop Floor Operations

Orchestrate production and physically connect to shop floor machines

  • Provide the best sequence of operations according to plant resources and constraints
  • Prepare manufacturing resources ahead to avoid machine downtime
  • Physically connect to shop floor devices to download latest programs and resources
  • Continuous quality improvement enabled by the analysis of shop floor as-built data

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Showcase Video:  Machining

Enhance machining Quality and reduce machining Time

  • Better machining quality and reduce machining time by proven NC code
  • Reduce setup time as all required Information is directly sent to machine tool
  • Use advantage of post hub and virtual machine to get optimized NC programs
  • Reduce cutting time and number of cutting tools by integration Additive Technology

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Showcase Video:  Finishing and Inspection

Enable quality management with integrated process control

  • Reduce cycle time and improve accuracy with high-speed inspection methods
  • Automate CMM programming using PMI data attached to 3D digital models
  • Analyze and visualize CMM data on the 3D model and analyze process changes
  • Increase flexibility by replacing costly CNC machines with multi-tasking robots

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Showcase Video: Inspection Programming & Execution

NX CMM Inspection Programming – programming and data analysis all in NX CAM

  • Integrated with Teamcenter for data management
  • Use NX to create an inspection program automatically – save up to 50% of programming time.
  • “Write once, run anywhere” right first time on the CMM – Prepare & validate inspection programs before running on the CMM

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Follow this link for more information about NX for manufacturing solutions.

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