Digital Enterprise Factory – From Machine Design to Assembly & Installation

By Zvi Feuer

Watch the Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour video blog series to experience the power of digitalization in manufacturing.

During the multi-stop tour, experts demonstrate the planning process for a Field PG assembly.  In this portion of the factory tour, we tell the story from machine design, line design, and automation design, to virtual reality, virtual commissioning, and assembly and installation.  Across all of the videos we feature useful Siemens software solutions including, NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD), Active Workspace, Line Designer, Process Simulate, PLCSim Advanced, and SIMATIC IT UA DM.

Enjoy the tour and let us know what you think in the comments section.  If you missed previous Digital Enterprise Factory Showcase Tour video blogs, you’ll find links to those below.

Machine Design

Welcome to the machine line builder section.  Here we have been awarded a contract to develop and build an automatic kitting system.  This kitting system is automated to handle multiple configurations of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) new product that they are delivering to the market. Therefore the OEM has provided us with the documentation package that includes specification requirements and any type of supporting models that define what the system needs to do.We have brought that information into Teamcenter and we are going to view that information in Active Workspace.

Watch the video to learn more.

Line Design

Welcome to the line planning station.We won the contract and we want to follow the requirements.   The customer data has been imported already. With Active Workspace it is very easy to search and access. Part of the requirements are geometric boundaries. If they have not already been modeled by the OEM, we can define them based on the customer’s specifications by describing the area and the height that we are allowed to use. We can ensure that our project delivery will be compliant and at the same time, as a project member, as well as other departments, will easily understand that this area is reserved for our kitting line.  These boundaries will be reused during the creation of our manufacturing layout.

Watch the video to learn more.

Automation Design

In the Automation Design station we will begin where the mechanical designer left off.To complete the electrical and automation design for the kitting machine.First the automation engineer loads the design from MCD or Line Designer for this project, making the mechanical structure properties geometry directly accessible. We then combine the mechanical design with the already completed portions of the electrical design schematics as well as the automation design data which is required to complete the software design of the control system.  Altogether these aspects combine to form an interdisciplinary design model representing the major aspects of the machine.

Watch the video to learn more.

Virtual Reality

Welcome to Process Simulate virtual reality station. We invite you to take advantage of the latest technology and step into the virtual reality twin of your kitting line with the click of a button.  Simply load your data directly into the VR headset and avoid wasted time on file exports, imports, or processing. Review, assess and analyze your production facility in a live Process Simulate VR session.

Watch the video to learn more.

Virtual Commissioning

Welcome to the virtual commissioning station.  Here you have all the components for a complete software virtual commissioning TIA Portal with PLCSim Advanced from Siemens Factory Automation and Process Simulate from Siemens PLM Software.  We already loaded the kitting line automation project.  The control program is already running in the virtual PLCSim Advanced.  We also have the 3D simulation model of the automated kitting line loaded in Process Simulate and connected to PLCSim Advanced.

Watch the video to learn more.

Assembly and Installation

Welcome to the assembly and installation station.  Here we would like to show you how a manufacturing engineer can open a process plan in order to change part or resource assignment, or add operations which are missing in the process.

Watch the video to learn more.

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