Designing tomorrow’s workplace: a human-centric approach

By Kelly Gallagher

Explore how Process Simulate Human uses digital human modeling to plan, simulate and validate human tasks

Take a journey into the realm of design optimization and workplace safety and learn how Siemens Process Simulate Human, part of the Tecnomatix portfolio, brings a human touch to the heart of product creation. From prioritizing human safety to enabling precise modeling and analysis of how humans interact with their work environment – explore how users can design, analyze, and optimize intricate human operations.

Use digital human modeling across the product lifecycle for continual improvement and fine-tuning of designs for seamless human interaction. Users can scale virtual human figures to match any worker population for precise task simulations.

With a comprehensive suite of analysis tools, pinpoint potential risk factors and address them proactively.

Advanced analysis for workplace safety

Imagine a workstation meticulously designed to ensure seamless interaction between humans and their environment. Process Simulate Human allows for the verification of workstation designs, ensuring that product parts are easily reachable, assembled, and maintained.

By analyzing and optimizing cycle times and ergonomics, it guarantees a safe and efficient process while adhering to industry and corporate standards. Whether it’s validating a workstation design or analyzing the ergonomics of a particular operation, Process Simulate Human simplifies complex tasks by providing a digital platform for comprehensive analysis and optimization.

Key features of Process Simulate Human

  • Accurate Anthropometric Databases: Models populations precisely for better design insights
  • Task Simulation Engine: Creates simulations swiftly and easily, allowing for quick scenario testing
  • Comprehensive Human Performance Tools: Offers a range of tools to assess human movements and abilities
  • Virtual Reality and Motion Capture: Adds depth to design analysis using immersive technologies for insights and enhancements
Posture monitor Process Simulate Human
Use posturing methods in Process Simulate Human to quickly simulate task conditions.

From verifying workstation designs to analyzing and optimizing human operations, Siemens Process Simulate Human remains a beacon of efficiency and safety in the intricate world of product design and workplace optimization. Experience the power of precise task simulations and ergonomic analysis, guiding your human tasks toward a safer, more efficient future.

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