Battery pack assembly use case: the future of Process Simulate & the Industrial Metaverse

By Kelly Gallagher

Hear from Siemens product experts in a keynote session presented at Realize LIVE Americas featuring a use case for a battery pack assembly line powered by the Industrial Metaverse and Process Simulate software.

The Tecnomatix portfolio and other digital manufacturing solutions from Siemens product experts shed light on the exciting future that awaits industries and businesses. From insightful keynotes, in-depth technical training sessions, product previews and the first look at new solutions, there were endless opportunities for meaningful engagements at the US and Europe-based Realize LIVE 2023 to join a global community of thinkers, doers and leaders.

Learn more about what Siemens experts, Todd Bengtsson, Director of Manufacturing Portfolio and Strategy, alongside Josh Carlson, Robotics & Automation Technical Product Manager, had to share about the Industrial Metaverse leveraging Process Simulate software to develop a real-time digital twin.

Experience the Industrial Metaverse and explore the battery pack assembly line powered by Process Simulate software.

Battery pack assembly line use case

Understanding the Industrial Metaverse 

The Industrial Metaverse represents a fusion of physical and digital realms. By bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds, it has the potential to revolutionize industries and businesses. The integration of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality creates a seamless interaction between physical assets and their virtual counterparts. 

The role of a real-time digital twin 

At the center of the Industrial Metaverse lies the real-time digital twin. Siemens experts reinforced the essential role that Tecnomatix Process Simulate software plays in creating a digital twin of production, which allows companies to plan, simulate and validate manufacturing processes, including robotics, automation and human tasks, throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Enabling the battery industry 

To feature the Industrial Metaverse in action, watch the demonstration showcasing the battery industry’s adoption of the Industrial Metaverse using Process Simulate software. This example demonstrates how companies can gain valuable insights and optimize production processes using digital twin technology. 

First, we start with a look at a battery pack assembly line digital twin inside the Industrial Metaverse that was developed using a comprehensive set of integrated solutions from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, including manufacturing planning with Assembly Line Planner software, manufacturing design with Line Designer software and manufacturing simulation with Process Simulate software, along with NVIDIA Omniverse. 

Siemens latest technology advancement of the Industrial Metaverse includes the newly released Tecnomatix connector to Omniverse, which transfers Process Simulate studies into Omniverse so that users can enjoy realistic and high-fidelity visualization simulations. With Tecnomatix connector, users can easily transfer both geometry and simulations from Process Simulate software and work with them in Omniverse. 

The Tecnomatix connector enables a synchronized update between Process Simulate software and Omniverse so users can run simulations or apply layout changes, which are immediately reflected in both environments. The Tecnomatix connector paves the way for a seamless update of digital twins in Process Simulate and a subsequent validation of the changes on the shopfloor. 

Next, we inspect a dashboard looking at several KPIs for the plant with the ability to dive deeper into the physical asset details contained in an IoT platform, like Insights Hub, and virtual asset details in the PLM system, like Teamcenter. Then, we explore a use case detailing how engineering and ergonomics teams collaborated to optimize a manual assembly station for performance and worker safety using Process Simulate Human software. To close the manufacturing loop, the validated simulations were then brought into the Industrial Metaverse to ensure this optimization was not lost to tribal knowledge, duplicated for a new line or plant or changed without consideration in the future.  

The end result: realistic visualization and closed-loop asset management 

Siemens technical experts, Bengtsson and Carlson, demonstrate how to visualize the digital twin in its real-world context, providing end-users with a realistic environment for decision-making. Process Simulate software also allows for continuous and interactive evaluation, simulation and prediction of digital twin behavior. One of the most compelling features of the digital twin is its ability to integrate with real assets in a closed loop. By doing so, companies can monitor, analyze and manage physical assets in tandem with their digital twin counterparts, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.  

Realize LIVE 2023 unveiled a future that promises to revolutionize industries and businesses through the Industrial Metaverse among other dynamic technologies. The real-time digital twin, powered by Tecnomatix Process Simulate software, will be instrumental in driving this transformation. Stay tuned to see how companies across various sectors are already tapping into the potential of the digital twin to optimize production processes, improve collaboration and gain valuable insights. As we move forward into this exciting era, embracing the Industrial Metaverse and its digital twin technology will undoubtedly be a game-changer for any forward-thinking organization. 


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