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Beyond Product Configurator Software: Total Variability Management

Broadly speaking, there are 3 sets of activities that come into play when we talk about defining and managing variability across a suite of products

Supplier Integration: Integrating Direct Materials Sourcing into Your PLM Processes

Without early collaboration, sourcing strategies are limited to “cost containment” techniques such as consolidating suppliers, combining volumes across plants, and developing new suppliers in emerging markets. Cost containment techniques are of course essential, but purchasing must grow past its transactional origins

Learn how Brose Group uses Siemens technology to improve its strategy for supplier cost analysis. Find out how they realize cost savings up to 15 percent!

Automotive Supplier Cost Analysis | Siemens

Learn how Brose Group uses Siemens technology to improve their strategy for supplier cost analysis. Find out how they realizes cost savings up to 15 percent

Active Workspace – Making PLM Accessible for All

It seems that it was just yesterday when Active Workspace made its debut at PLM Connection 2013 in Dallas. Active Workspace has come a long way since the very first MVP version that we showed you ove…

Announcing Teamcenter 11: What’s New

With these enhancements and more across the Teamcenter portfolio, I know you’ll like what you see in Teamcenter 11

Integrated Product Definition

At its core, the Integrated Product Definition approach in Teamcenter promotes engineering authoring and formal release of product definition data

Why is PLM a critical component of an SLM strategy?

SLM is a philosophy that encompasses many components, areas, and domains with regards to providing service and maintenance of assets

Service Plan to Service Execution – Right Job, Done Right, First Time

Service execution is successful when service events are complete, accurate, quick, and affordable which means based on service requirements in service plans linked to product and as-maintained configurations

Getting a Handle on Design Data Exchange and Supplier Program Management

Best-in-Class companies realize that it all starts with how they manage and store their design or CAD data, it must be centralized and managed holistically to provide optimal support for collaborative engineering processes