Product Stewardship and the Greening of the Brand

By Kerri Doyle

Innovative, sustainable products, with little to no negative impact on the environment are proving to be market winners and elevating some companies to industry leaders. Consumers are drawn to green products, and companies who sell them continue to reap the benefits.Tesla Motorโ€™s recent success in their Model 3 pre-orders proves that consumers are environmentally conscious and concerned with the effect of carbon emissions on the planet.

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Research tells us that consumers are more likely to purchase products from green companies that are committed to sustainability. Not surprisingly, product stewardship initiatives are popping up in sales campaigns and appearing on corporate websites across the globe. Companies must go green to stay competitive.

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 Understanding requirements around product sustainability, and staying ahead of environmental and social directives coming down the pike is a key factor in becoming a leader in product stewardship.In this infographic, LNS Research provides us with some insight on how successful companies are approaching product stewardship initiatives along with actionable recommendations.

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 Siemens Teamcenter can help your company set up a framework to address your product stewardship and sustainability needs.Check out the Environmental Compliance and Product Sustainability web page and download assets including fact sheets, infographics, eBooks, white papers, to learn more.

Also, check out blogs around this topic, located on the Siemens community page.


About the Blogger:

Kerri Doyle is a Siemens PLM product marketing manager for Teamcenter Product Sustainability, Materials Management, Quality and Supplier Integration solutions. She has been in the PLM industry for over 20 years.

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