Volkswagen wiring harness

Choosing a digital twin platform for smart product design

Explore ways to save time and money making your products smarter and more innovative – with integrated electrical design. Download this guide from Tech-Clarity to find a better solution for smart product design.

Introducing the Solid Edge Wiring & Harness Design Free Trial

Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design is now available as a free trial so anyone can access and experience our dedicated software solution for electromechanical design.

Resolving PCB Design Collaboration Issues

Resolving PCB Design Collaboration Issues

When designing printed circuit boards (PCB) during product development, coordination between mechanical and electrical engineers is critical. While this collaboration is important to the design o…

Solid Edge 2020 launched at Realize Live

Democratization of software solutions for product development was a key theme of the Solid Edge 2020 launch at Realize Live today. With the Solid Edge portfolio, leading technology solutions develope…

Mecmesin: Solving diverse engineering challenges for force testing

Mecmesin designs and manufactures a wide range of force testing equipment in Sussex, UK – you may have seen their bottle cap test er featured in our Solid Edge 2019 launch materials. Imp…

Solid Edge 2019 – What’s in it for me?

Our Solid Edge customers come from a huge variety of industries and are often the leaders in their industry sector or segment. This blog looks at the Solid Edge 2019 release from the perspective of o…