Mecmesin: Solving diverse engineering challenges for force testing

By DavidChadwick

Mecmesin designs and manufactures a wide range of force testing equipment in Sussex, UK – you may have seen their bottle cap tester featured in our Solid Edge 2019 launch materials. Improving the design process for electromechanical design products is a key thrust of Solid Edge 2019, so it was great to have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Patrick Collins, Technical Director, at our Solid Edge University event in Phoenix.

mecmesin-solid-edge-electrical.jpgMecmesin designs force and torque testing equipment using Solid Edge

In this short video Patrick discusses how they have been using for Solid Edge for 20 years, and how he believes that Solid Edge 2019 has many new and improved capabilities that will directly benefit Mecmesin. Patrick says that these improvements show how the Siemens Solid Edge team listens closely to the needs of its users. Of specific interest to Mecmesin are the new Solid Edge Electrical Design modules including Wiring Design, Wire Harness Design, and PCB Design. Patrick sees a lot of potential for Solid Edge to help integrate the mechanical and electrical design disciplines that need to collaborate to create Mecmesin’s electromechanical products.

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I was also able to talk with Mecmesin’s Chief Mechanical Design Engineer, Brian Howes. In the video below I captured a small part of Brian’s presentation on the journey that Mecmesin has followed with 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. They started by using an outside service to source some prototype parts around 18 years ago and have progressed with purchasing their own 3D printers, with the most recent purchase being a Markforged device that combines nylon and carbon fibre to create high strength components. One of their recent products has 30% of the parts produced by Additive Manufacturing, and the cost savings have been very significant. Brian also commented that the Generative Design capabilities in Solid Edge have helped them to create new, more cost effective solutions for some existing components with cost savings of up to 300%.


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After talking with Patrick and Brian, it is clear that Mecmesin solves a huge variety of engineering challenges for their customers. Supported by their local channel partner in the UK, Majenta PLM, Mecmesin uses Solid Edge in diverse and creative ways to solve these challenges – and seem to have a lot of fun in the process!


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