Solid Edge User Meet Review – Vadodara, India

By dtawre

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a Solid Edge User Meet, an event organized on November 29, 2019, from 2:00-5:00 PM by the Solid Edge User Community (SITECH PLM) at the Royal Orchid Hotel in Vadodara, India.

I came to know that up till now, Solid Edge User Meets in India were only hosted in Pune, making this the first user meet organized outside of Pune. Solid Edge professionals from a wide spectrum of industries were present, including design, plastic machine manufacturing, textiles, special purpose machines, power transformer manufacturing, component manufacturing (valves, etc.), safety equipment manufacturing, and many others. In total, 52 Solid Edge users from 33 companies attended the meet to discuss various challenges and share knowledge related to Solid Edge.

Solid Edge User Meets are an excellent platform to learn and share knowledge of Solid Edge between users, such as use cases, workflows, automation, and product usage.

The user meet began with an exciting technical quiz, and it was a very fun and enthusiastic start to the event. Followed by the quiz, we participated in a vibrant discussion about our experiences and issues we’re currently facing while working with Solid Edge.

Highlights & Key Takeaways

  • Increased awareness of easier methods and options in Solid Edge
  • Lots of enthusiasm among users to discuss technical issues
  • Representatives from Solid Edge Development also present
  • Great platform to know about Solid Edge capabilities and to resolve issues that users might be facing
  • Queries were resolved by other users attending the meet and Solid Edge Development team
  • Solid Edge users’ voices are directly heard by Solid Edge Development
  • Strong support from channel partner SITECH PLM to resolve issues
  • Users build confidence by knowing that Siemens Experts are listening

At Solid Edge User Meets, you quickly realize that other Solid Edge users have found solutions for common design challenges that you’re facing. It’s a very rewarding and beneficial experience.

The user meet concluded with delicious snacks and a quality networking session between the users. We’re all thankful to SITECH PLM for taking the lead in organizing this meet. I personally encourage all Solid Edge users to attend future user meets in your local community to know more about how to use Solid Edge effectively and efficiently.

“It’s all about getting better, together.”

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2 thoughts about “Solid Edge User Meet Review – Vadodara, India
  • Unless you were vacationing on Mars or hiding under a rock, should be aware, Solid Edge user meets are conducted outside Pune in Bangalore and Gurgaon, though not necessarily hosted or sponsored by Siemens PLM.

    Unlike the one mentioned above, knowledge shared at those meets is publicly shared and available for everyone to benefit from.

    The users meets like those mentioned above are useless, expect for those who attended and seem like a farce and wastage for its utility.

    I don’t see any knowledge being ‘spread’ :O

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