Solid Edge Tips and Tricks from Forum Users #32

Tips and Tricks from Forum Users #32

An assortment of short tips and tricks based on the discussions in the Solid Edge forum

Compiled by Tushar Suradkar

Due credit is given to respective contributors.

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1. Where are the “saved settings” shown in the dialog? How are they created and managed?

Tip: They are created in the Drawing View Wizard (“Saved Settings” button on command bar). It appears they are stored in a “DraftWizard.txt” file located in your “Reports” folder specified in the File Location settings.

Contributor: @KennyG

2. How can I activate the input fields X and Y in the Move command bar?

 Tip: Turn OFF Snap to Grid.

Contributor: @bshand

3. I am getting this error after importing a step assembly and trying to delete items.

Tip: Are you trying to delete a sub-occurrence from a top-level assembly?

I’d suggest to first open the parent sub-assembly of the part you want to delete and then delete the part from there.

Contributor: @TusharSuradkar

4. Someone has broken our template for assemblies, and I need to fix it, making it set to use a BOM setting already created. How in the world do I do this? I opened the template, put an assembly and correct BOM format on the sheet, saved it, then deleted the assembly and the BOM, and saved again. It still reverts back to a bad BOM format. I know I must be missing something simple, but at this point, I can’t find it.

Tip: Go to Solid Edge Options – Drawing View Wizard – Parts List Saved Settings.

Contributor: @Milro

5. I have an assembly and I would like to create a feature on a part in that assembly. I don’t want to create an assembly feature!  How do I edit that part and grab edges and circles from other assembly parts to create the features? I don’t want those features to be dependent on the other assembly components at all. SO when I open that edited part is has a feature that is NOT dependent on the edges, circles, etc. that were pulled from the other components.

Thanks for any guidance​

Tip: Presumably you have “PEERS” enabled……it is located on the Tools tab, while in sketch mode.

Contributor: @SeanCresswell

Tips Compiled by Tushar Suradkar


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