Solid Edge Data Management Takes a Rapid Start

By Margaret Furleigh


What’s the demand for Solid Edge data management? I just returned from Solid Edge University (#SEU16), and it was great to meet with Solid Edge customers and learn how you’re managing your designs and data.

From big customers like Kimball International, to smaller one-person design firms, the folks I spoke with ran the gamut of collaboration challenges and needs to grow from Solid Edge Insight or SP to a more comprehensive product data management (PDM) solution, like Teamcenter Rapid Start.

I spoke with one woman from a smaller company of five designers who said she had no idea why her product wasn’t selling until she found out the salesperson had a problem with the design. She only found it out in passing hallway conversation … and it was just by chance that it came up. She could see how useful Solid Edge data management would have been to have a system to connect and collaborate between engineering and other parts of her business – sales, purchasing, manufacturing – so they could work together to deliver the right product for the customer.

Another customer just rolled out Teamcenter, so they can connect multiple locations on a single server. They said they couldn’t do that with SolidWorks PDM … and in their case, internet or cloud-based options wouldn’t meet their security protocols to lock down their data. For their small IT budget and engineering staff, Teamcenter Rapid Start was the right solution to work with both Solid Edge and SolidWorks data. They installed PDM quickly, and they only needed two days of admin training and three days of user training to be up and running.

Preconfigured PDM.JPG

For many Solid Edge customers, it can seem like a big jump from Insight or SP to Teamcenter. It’s not such a big jump after all when you deploy Teamcenter Rapid Start. Instead of starting from a blank slate, Solid Edge customers can deploy a preconfigured PDM solution in 2-3 weeks. You know exactly what you’re getting, at what price, and in what timeframe – which is especially important for smaller businesses that don’t have the IT staff or support for a large-scale, custom deployment. And with Teamcenter Rapid Start, you can grow from Solid Edge data and process management to a PDM solution that extends beyond engineering to include everyone in the business who works with product development and manufacturing.

So if you’re a Solid Edge customer, now is the time to take a closer look at Teamcenter. With the launch of Solid Edge ST9, you can see that the Teamcenter integration for Solid Edge is more intuitive than ever. Active Workspace is embedded in Solid Edge, and it’s a simple way for anyone else in the business to collaborate with engineering data and processes.

Learn how you can get off to a fast start with Solid Edge data management using Teamcenter Rapid Start.

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