Changes Around the Community

By MLombard

You might notice that some changes have already taken place, and in the future, there will be more.

  1. Q&A areas will be merged into the Forums. We are still going to provide an area to ask questions, but the Q&A is really the same as a forum, so we are just consolidating plus avoiding some of the bugs in Q&A such as listing responses by the first line of the response rather than the title of the question. This has already happened in the Developers area, and will happen here shortly as well.

  2. Spell checker fixed. This is already done, although I see it is not automatic like the spell checker on WordPress sites. It will check spelling when you click on the check mark in the upper right of the rich text box when writing or editing to use it. It will only update if you click on the misspelled word and select a correct spelling. If you manually correct a spelling, you have to click it again to clear the red under-squiggle. The check mark icon shows as active or inactive, but I believe it only works when you click it, and the active/inactive state doesn’t do anything. This is apparently working “as designed”.

  3. Google Translator added. This should be a nice aid for those who don’t prefer English. Find the language drop-down selector at the upper right of the white space.

  4. The automatic time out will be lengthened. If you take longer than 30 minutes to write down a thought, you might lose your work. This will be fixed.

  5. Some visuals will be changed in the near future. Like fonts, and some visual organization such as alternating shading.

  6. Right Column organization. We are trying to have a clear design in mind for the right hand column.

In the longer run there will be more, and larger changes to the entire community, which affects users of all Siemens PLM products. If you have questions about the changes, you can leave a comment here or contact me directly via email or the private message tools provided by the community.

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