How to get 30% off Solid Edge Inspector

By Kyzmen Wood

Minimize human error in manufacturing and product inspection

Effectively saving you time and money, Solid Edge Inspector automatically labels, identifies, and extracts critical design characteristics. Processing in manufacturing is long, laborious, and often riddled with errors. Reliance on humans to identify, label, and extract design information leaves a large margin for mistakes. The automated nature of Solid Edge Inspector allows for a seamless downstream manufacturing process by eliminating errors that can occur further in the manufacturing process.

Introduced in Solid Edge 2023: Solid Edge Inspector video overview

Key Solid Edge Inspector features

  • Reduce product development time
  • Increase automatic labeling of critical design characteristics by 80%
  • Reduce cost by creating quality products the first time around
  • Reduce inspection time and identify design changes
  • Automatically generate characteristics lists from dimensions and annotations
  • Develop automated design reports
  • Create FAI reports from 3D PMIs and 2D drawing dimensions and annotations
  • Integrate your quality management system with product quality data

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Essential tools for error-free product design

The unique identifiers are the key to success in the manufacturing process. These identifiers, better known as balloons, provide the manufacturer with information that will be used throughout the lifecycle of the product. Solid Edge Inspector houses the capabilities to automatically identify, label and extract critical design characteristics from 3D PMI and 2D drawings. This software eliminates human error that further improves the quality of the manufacturing process.

Auto-generated first article inspection (FAI) reports

Often, making FAI reports is time-consuming, intense and unfortunately prone to errors. Solid Edge Inspector can not only generate these reports automatically, without error, but in a fraction of the time it would take a human being. The FAI reports are automatically generated from the manufacturing data defined in the model or drawing. This further eliminates the margin for error.

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