What’s new in Simcenter Prescan 2020.1?

By LoesvHaasteren

Simcenter Prescan, the best physics-based simulation platform for testing and development of automated vehicles, releases version 2020.1. This release proudly announces the expansion of the DMAPI to create and edit roads, the extension of the OpenSCENARIO importer features as well as support for TruckSim co-simulation. 

Road editing via DMAPI 

Road API

Simcenter Prescan continues to add new features to its Data Model API, in this case by expanding the road creation and editing capabilities. Main features include: 

  • Creating roads by using a list of 3D points 
  • Editing of lane markers 
  • Adding bank angle to roads 
  • Support for variable lane width 

Extended OpenSCENARIO importer 

The OpenSCENARIO importer now supports the following new conditions for triggering events: 

  • Relative distance : Actions can be triggered based on a relative varying distance between any two objects in the world.
  • Reached position: Actions can be triggered when any actor reached any world position.

TruckSim support 

With release 2020.1, Simcenter Prescan introduces the capability to co-simulate experiments with TruckSim vehicle dynamics. This will enable users developing automated trucks, buses or other vehicles of big dimension to simulate their experiments by using the vehicle dynamics developed by Mechanical Simulation while still getting the best sensor simulation in the market for their developments. 


The CSAE BSM message has been added to the V2X plugin. 

The Vissim plugin has been updated to support Vissim 11.00-11. 

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