What’s New in our Modelica Editor in Simcenter Amesim 2019.2

By karimbesbes

Modelica Editor 2019.2 is now available! This tool allows to reuse Modelica models and mix Modelica-based and Simcenter Amesim-native components while avoiding co-simulation.

We have collected for you the new possibilities offered by Modelica Editor in the latest version of Simcenter Amesim:

  • Our new Modelica engine is Optimica Compiler Toolkit 1.12 provided by Modelon
  • In addition to the Modelica Standard Library 3.2.2, we now support the following libraries:
    • Buildings 6.0.0
    • BuildingSystems 2019
    • VehicleInterfaces 1.2.5
    • EHPT 2019
  • Besides, the workflow to add Simcenter Amesim physical ports is now easier, as you can see on the following video:
  • Finally, our in-house Modelica Library – SimcenterAmesim – provided with the tool was updated. This library contains demos to facilitate your entry into the Modelica world. It contains also Simcenter Amesim interfaces to let you connect your Modelica components to Simcenter Amesim components in the same sketch.

Want to know more?

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