Story of a successful integration – Samtech in the Simcenter portfolio part.4

By arthur_macon

Prior to the Siemens acquisition, Samtech already had an excellent reputation in 3D products. As an expert in this field, what was so pioneering about the work in this area?

As part of customer support, significant attention has always been given to customer requests. We always try to answer technical questions in the best-possible way and the shortest time. Beside our state-of-the-art products, Samtech’s high-technical reputation is also due to our quality customer support.

Can you cite one example or two from your personal experience?

By working at several customer sites, I had different opportunities to work with our solutions with end users. I was able to share know-how directly with them and get their feedback.

You’ve been part of the Siemens organization for quite some time now. How has working as part of the Siemens ecosystem affected you professionally?

The Siemens ecosystem allows you to interact with a broad organization.

Communications with colleagues are diverse and exciting on multiple topics namely technical, services, sales, marketing…

What has been the best part of your experience to date?

Coordinating 3D product training lets me promote our solutions to customers through diversified application fields. Every time, a training helps a customer, and of course, if a training survey is marked very good, then I feel we accomplished the mission.

How does your work contribute to your customer’s digital journey?

I think close attention to the customer reinforces confidence in our products. By promoting and providing training, we invest in our customer as well and encourage the future development of solutions which might not be initially considered.

What have you learned as part of Samtech being part of Siemens?

Mostly to communicate with a broad public in a quick way. The request might be internal or external, may be come from a different source, and is sometimes extremely varied. It is very interesting!

What has been your biggest challenge as part of Siemens?

The biggest challenge was to acquire a lot of knowledge in a large field as technical as services, to be at ease discussing it, and to maintain this level of knowledge. 

Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now? What do you want to achieve?

While continuing to increase my skills in service activities, I could see myself in a position of professional services or customer support management.

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