Story of a successful integration – Samtech in the Simcenter portfolio part.1

By arthur_macon

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Our rotor solution provides high added value to engineers with its ability to handle large models and the accuracy of our non linear solvers to solve industrial applications.  Also, the modelling of the assembly is really suited to engineers’ needs. 


Rotor dynamics is often solved in companies by expert engineers,  using internal tools developed in the company years ago.  When presenting the product, people are really impressed by our modelling capabilities and the performance of our solvers.


I have discovered a great ecosystem, working on the same product and capitalizing on the expertise of the different teams. We will be able to offer to customers a more and more complete solution in line with the needs of the industry.

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By providing simulation software, engineers can study the behavior of their rotating system in a wide range of external conditions.  This includes many configurations that would not be reasonable, even possible, to test physically on real systems.  It helps saving a lot of time and a lot of money since physical testing is much costly than virtual testing.


Team work. Everybody has technical and human skills and brings their own contribution in the project.


In the next years, I would like to see a dedicated solution for rotor dynamics, fully integrated in the Simcenter 3D CAE environment, using our best-in-class solvers, in an intuitive way for the user.

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