Spotlight on – Jérémy Leboi, product manager

By JessicaFertier

LogoSpotlightOn (1).pngJérémy Leboi

Product manager

What are you currently working on?
As a product manager, my job is to take the LMS Amesim users’ place. I try to understand what their needs are and translate it into a meaningful story for the development teams. I make the link between LMS Amesim users and the software development team. I also help users with training materials or support.


Currently, I am dealing with high performance computing (HPC) topics. My objective is to help users access these platforms in new ways within the system simulation software.  This trendy topic is quite new for those software, and LMS Amesim is a pioneer in this domain.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
Communication is everything for a product manager. The interaction with very different people is enlightening as well. Positive user feedback about a new enhancement or feature really makes my day!
What is an area that provides the best opportunity for improvement?
Working directly with the platform is always a good playground for improvement since the product constantly evolves. The platform is the first aspect users see and use daily. I have to take into account the future workflows as well as new innovation like cloud computing and virtual reality.


Cloud is the current trend in simulation. CFD and CAD software have taken the lead here and it will probably expand to system simulation software in the future. Cloud computing offers lot of advantages, more flexibility, and can be used for different purposes. But it also introduces different constraints than desktop applications.

How do you contribute to Simcenter?
As a platform product manager, I try to look for ideas, requirements and convergence between the different solutions of the Simcenter portfolio. A big part of my job is to develop tight and seamless interfaces between LMS Amesim with other solutions, like NX Nastran, Simcenter 3D, Star-CCM+, LMS System Synthesis etc. The software platform is the entry point to ensure convergence.
What do you see as the emerging trends in your field of expertise?
Virtual reality is a global emerging trend. We are starting to see it everywhere, including in simulation and testing solutions. For example, the user will be able to see his engine prototype in virtual reality, and interact directly with the model. He could then make changes directly on the virtual engine and see almost instantly the impact on the vehicle.
What influenced you to want to take up your present line of work?
I am a real technology addict. I have also a solid background in physics and chemistry thanks to my studies. The LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim multi-physics approach is perfect for me since it combines software, technology and science.


I also started as a regular system simulation user. This overall view of the market led me to product management.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be an astronomer. I liked the idea that the space above our heads could be explored, but I decided to “stay on Earth” and be an astronomer in model-driven software world.
map-location.png Current Location   tool.png Education
Lyon, France   PhD in physics & M. Sc. in physics and chemistry
video-player.png Favorite Movie   books-stack-of-three.png Currently Reading
Fight Club   Ghost in the Shell
medal.png Sports   headphones_music.png Favorite Music
Squash, Running, Karate   Electro Chill, Rock & Violin (Taylor Davis)
pastime_puzzle.png Favorite Pastime   inspirational.png Inspirational Person
Playing with my children   Tony Stark

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