Smarter Simulation for the Design Engineer

By Nazita Cook


There are a lot of myths about simulation tools especially those for the design engineer. Are they really robust enough to handle real-life engineering problems with the required levels of accuracy and speed? Are there really tools that can truly help design engineers access simulation and important feedback earlier in the design process – when dealing with problems is significantly less expensive? Won’t handing simulation tools to design engineers create more problems than solve?

As the leading supplier of simulation and test solutions, we are asked these questions on a regular basis. Companies have discovered that simulation can be used to synthesize and define the physical design, rather than to simply evaluate and validate final designs. These innovative manufacturers are taking advantage of advances in simulation technology and development processes from Siemens Digital Industries Software to beat their competitors to market with higher quality, longer lasting products.

If you’re curious to separate myth from fact and ask a few questions of your own from the experts, then attend this 30-minute online live presentation to learn how simulation-driven design can help you shift simulation further to the left in the development process to better understand design performance earlier and faster.

We call it simulation-driven design. You’ll call it your competitive edge.

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