Simulation Aids Amazone’s Agricultural Challenges

By Dung_H

Take a second to think about how many people inhabit the earth today. What number came to mind? 

We currently share the earth with 7.5 billion other individuals and this number is expected to increase to almost 10 billion in the upcoming decades. Feeding this population will require more efficient farming practices and agricultural intensification. One of the implications is that agricultural equipment companies, such as Amazone, need to focus on improving the durability, efficiency, and precision performance of their machinery.  

SimcenterNX, and Teamcenter allowed Amazone to reduce time and cost by creating fewer prototypes and making the mistakes in the simulation versus reality. Additionally, problems that normally could not be detected while the machinery was being utilized on the field were detected in the software.  Lastly, these software applications helped the engineering team gain a better understanding about the dynamics of motion behavior in their sprayers through virtual test tracks. 

Through product innovation, Amazone received the Innovation Award at Agritechnica, the leading trade fair for agricultural machinery. Moreover, Amazone is helping farmers all over the world with better tools, thereby contributing to a more efficient and productive global food chain. 


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