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By Simon Fischer

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“E-mobility is the future solution!… no wait, hydrogen is… no wait, fuel cells it is”

“No, no, no, the internal combustion still has huge unleashed potential, we just need to focus on e-fuels.”

“Guys, hybrid it is!”

“Oh, come on scratch that all! Who cares about the powertrain under the hood these days? Maybe you old gnarly engineers, but the hipsters downtown?”

“You are right, vehicle aerodynamics is king!”

“You still don’t get it. Nobody will care about aerodynamics. Nobody will care about powertrains. Our kids would hand in their car – provided they ever own one – rather than their smart phone. You have to rethink mobility.”

“So, autonomous driving is the future”

“What are you talking about, everybody loves driving cars!”

We have all heard, read or had those kinds of discussion. And whether you deny we will be facing a disruption in the automotive industry or not, fact is:

There is a huge insecurity in the automotive industry and a high risk when assessing in which technology to invest, which one to pull along and which one to even ignore.

“You can’t win them all” is what they say. “But you have to win enough”, I would respond.
So, “what’s next?” you might wonder and so do many OEMs and suppliers these days.
Well, believe it or not, I have a simple answer for you. If we are honest it’s close to impossible to really predict the shares of mobility solutions that will be present by – say – 2040, but one thing that is clear, is this:

100% of the successful mobility solutions in 2040 will have been created by world-class engineers!

That said there is a straight way forward:

Invest into employing or becoming the smartest engineers on this planet mastering the best-in-class tools.

That way – come what may – you will survive even the toughest disruption.

Because a world class engineer will rock any technology! Come to Amsterdam! Packed with world class automotive engineering

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