Simcenter Amesim ready to sail the high seas

By Romain Nicolas


Simcenter Amesim has been serving the marine industry for quite a long time. It is reflected in our long-standing relationships with Hyundai Heavy IndustriesMan Diesel & Turbo, Siemens Marine, Wärtsilä and other shipyards, suppliers and operators.

The marine industry is evolving at a faster pace due to the following factors:

  • Regulatory pressure set around pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Continuous pressure coming from operators towards lower OPEX and CAPEX
  • Technology readiness level of electrical systems is sufficiently high to penetrate the marine segment (batteries, SOFC, inverters/motors…)

Therefore, we at Siemens PLM Software decided to take system simulation to the next level and to align the Simcenter Amesim solution with the growing marine market and customers’ needs for simulation.

This is reflected in the latest Simcenter Amesim release: version 2019.1 now includes a dedicated marine solution containing propeller and ship resistance models.

Simcenter-Amesim-marine1.pngNew Simcenter Amesim library with validated marine-oriented components

For instance, this propeller model allows you to get thrust, torque and efficiency, – either based on CFD results import or based on propeller geometrical data.

In addition, Simcenter Amesim shipbuilding users can take advantage of several ready-to-use model templates in the new marine-oriented demo section.

Simcenter-Amesim-marine2..pngTwo-stroke diesel tanker model template in the demo section

Thanks to these new capabilities supporting the shipbuilding industry, Simcenter Amesim helps you easily perform ship propulsion architecture comparison (including hybrid systems, fuel cell, alternative fuel engine, batteries…) for many different mission profiles.

This commitment toward the marine industry is also reflected in the Simcenter Amesim internal organization with the appointment of a marine product manager Olivier Schmidt and a marine business developer, myself!

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And for more information about the latest Simcenter Amesim 2019.1 release, check out our launch blog post on April 16. 


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