Ship system simulation: improve efficiency, optimize designs and streamline processes

By Elspeth Mosedale

Learn how ship system simulation with Simcenter is key to vessel performance.

Read any article or presentation on ship design and you will see reference to “Improving efficiency. Optimizing design. Streamlining processes.”  

Improving vessel efficiency and meeting the ever-increasing performance targets set by the IMO is a driver to development in the marine design industry.  Meeting these targets requires improvements to many aspects of the vessel: there is not one simple solution or alteration which will enable us to meet the required performance targets. 

The Simcenter system performance tools enable this holistic, system-wide view of vessel performance. This on-demand webinar gives details, focusing on ship system simulation and the benefits that this approach can bring. Watch now to learn:

  • An overview of system performance tools and how they can be applied to vessel design
  • How to predict the impact of new technology or design changes in a virtual environment
  • How to optimize system architecture performance, including engine systems
  • How to develop control strategies for the complete operating envelope
  • How this efficient simulation tool can fit within your engineering processes

Learn more about the use of Simcenter Amesim (previously LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim) for ship system simulation, and use it to improve efficiency, optimize designs and streamline processes.

Also learn about the marine-specific libraries in Simcenter Amesim

And learn how Wärtsilä propulsion are using ship system simulation to ensure fuel efficiency

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