Performance prediction as integral part of the Korean mindset

By Adele Dolique

Anyoung haseyo, 여보세요

So last week, Karen De Meyer and I traveled to South-Korea to cover the Siemens Simcenter Connection in Seoul. Neither one of us had been to this country before, so we had been anticipating this trip for weeks. 

dumpling.PNGOne of the first things we noticed, right upon our arrival, was how Korean people just love to predict criteria to provide you with the best possible experience. Here is an example: for lunch, I decided to order steamed dumplings. For this, I had to choose between half pork/half kimchi – which is a typical, spicy version of fermented cabbage; they basically eat it at every meal – and exclusively kimchi stuffed ones. I decided for the full-on kimchi option, because I wanted to share with my vegetarian colleague. Little did I know my choice was only of marginal importance…

As soon as I had stepped up to the ordering counter, the waitress had started to assess all the possible attributes to predict how the meal would perform in my mouth so I would enjoy them to the fullest extent, without burning my throat for the rest of my trip. After evaluating all the performance attributes (but skipping the one about vegetarianism), the waitress ended up changing my order without telling me, providing me with only half a portion of the Kimchi-ones, unilaterally adding the pork-ones which are less spicy. She was obviously afraid it would be too much for a western lady like me… (and she might have actually been right, but we still finished the Kimchi-ones on principle).

keynote.PNGKeynote sessionsAnd they seem to have the same conviction about more technical topics. Korean industrial players really believe in predicting the behavior of their products. That is probably the reason a lot of them opt for virtual simulation, building digital twins of their systems and vehicles. Around 500 engineers joined the Siemens Simcenter Connection Korea 2018 in order to share their results on their use of the Simcenter product portfolio. For 2 consecutive days, about 60 presentations were held, with topics ranging from system simulation to acoustic testing benchmarking, making additional stops at 3D and CFD simulation, and spread across 5 industry tracks.  This has been a very enriching experience overall. As a highlight, it was particularly nice to meet some of our Korean customers, as Agnieszka Mróz– Product Manager Acoustics – points out: “I was very impressed by the Simcenter Connection Korea. It is always an amazing privilege to learn how the customers use your products to deliver better, more powerful or better-sounding products to the market in a shorter amount of time. Events like these are a great opportunity not only to meet specialists with similar roles but also to get inspired by engineering solutions applied to challenges we all face in our daily jobs.”

Demonstration_showcase.PNGShowcase room

We also had the pleasure to share the latest and greatest about our Simcenter product portfolio. This was done first hand by 5 high-level keynote speakers at the kick-off of the event. According to Kyu Won Lee – Simcenter system simulation portfolio developer – “the Simcenter connection is very important for me because not only this is a great opportunity for our customers can share their engineering with other engineers working other fields, but also because this is Simcenter experts can introduce the trends of digital twin as well as the success stories coming from Simcenter Portfolio to the attendees”.

On the other hand, there were dedicated demo booths, which could be visited during the breaks. Especially the VR-stand from our Simcenter STAR-CCM+ colleagues, our Simcenter Amesim Fuel rig demonstrator, and the recently released Simcenter Sound Camera, attracted quite some attention.


Curious yet? You can see all about the Siemens Simcenter Connection 2018 in the video below. The interaction between Siemens PLM experts, Simcenter users rendered this event a great success.

Stay tuned for the testimonials from our customers about their use of Simcenter! 고맙습니다

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