E2M Technologies Reduces Lead Time Through Virtual Testing

By ChrisHolt

One of my favorite games at the arcade growing up was a full motion boat racing simulator. Every time I took a seat in the game, I was fascinated by the motion it provided and wondered what it would be like to design that system. In today’s ever advancing world, complex motion simulators are used to assist with learning and perfecting many specialized tasks. These systems generally have long lead times, undergo many revisions and take quite some time to deliver the finished product.

Now there is a new company, E2M Technologies, that is changing the industry with their quick to market, customizable motion systems for simulators. From conceptual phase to feasible end product in a very short frame of time, their durable, smooth electronic actuation products are used in product testing, flight simulation, medical training and the entertainment industry to name a few.

The company utilizes a variety of Simcenter software to design, test and stay organized when creating new products for customers. Watch this video to see how E2M Technologies employs these Simcenter products to ensure that they are developing and manufacturing top quality mechatronics products:

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