Creating an Electric Vehicle in Two Years? It’s Possible!

How many times have you heard about the idea of “going green”? Probably more than you can remember. Many of us have made the decision to transform this idea into a lifestyle, while a number of companies have integrated it into their core values. Electra Meccanica happens to be one of those companies. CEO and environmentalist, Jerry Kroll, led his team from design to the production of an electric vehicle with three wheels in just two years. Yes, two years.

Innovation is constantly evolving. Electra Meccanica’s engineering team knew that if they wanted to keep up with industry trends, they would have to go digital before bringing any of their electrification ideas to life.

With our partner, Maya, we’ve worked closely with Electra Meccanica since its early days as a startup. While working with them, we quickly realized the only way Electra Meccanica could quickly bring their ideas to life was through an integrated CAD-CAE environment. NX and Simcenter 3D provided this environment to not only allow them to design and analyze their ideas, but also to quickly investigate design changes and have their simulation model automatically update and provide immediate feedback as to whether those design changes were feasible or not.  

Having these tools as a digital backbone helped Electra Meccanica hit the ground running and allowed the team to complete the Solo in two short years. And according to the team’s General Manager, Ed Theobald, that’s how long it takes a traditional car maker to design a taillight!

Watch Electra Meccanica’s journey to digitalization here:

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