Better Battery Thermal Management with Co-Simulation

By Ganesh Sethuraman


Temperature is a critical parameter for Lithium-Ion batteries and co-simulation with NX Thermal and Simcenter Amesim leads to further insights into this effects of this parameter. 

This is just a glimpse into innovative research done at ITAQ (Institut de Transports Avancé du Québec) into battery management. ITAQ does research & testing validation in various areas including electric & hybrid vehicles. As such, battery design is a key component. 

This presentation by Pierre-Luc Lapointe of ITAQ entitled “Co-simulation Applied to Li-On Batteries” goes on to discuss the influence of temperature on the behaviour of the charging capacity of batteries. The key focus of the research was to optimize the cooling of the battery. 

This is a challenging problem at the best of times but the innovative approach used by Pierre-Luc is to co-simulate an electro-chemical simulation in Amesim and a thermal solution in NX Thermal. 


I had the chance to talk briefly with Pierre-Luc last week and one of the benefits he found was co-simulation provided more insights into battery design than by using both 1D or 3D software independently.

Sounds interesting? If so watch this space as we’ll reveal more about this fascinating research later this week. In addition we’ll be blogging all week from this years NX CAE & Test Symposium where you’ll hear of many more such topics!

Stay Tuned!

– Ganesh

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