Automotive Testing Expo 2022: we are back!

By Alessandro Lepore

This time is happening for real! The Automotive Testing Expo Europe is finally back to a full-capacity face-to-face event.

And I guess many of you are as excited as me to be there, after 2 years of virtual expositions, remote meetings and hybrid events.

From June 21st to 23rd , more than 400 exhibitors and thousands of professionals will gather in the Messe of Stuttgart to share their passion for the latest technologies in automotive testing.

And, of course, Siemens will be there, thrilled to go back to where it left in 2019.

Rethinking the (Executable) Digital Twin

The Simrod is back! Our fully electric vehicle is starving for your attention after all the dust and little curiosity it has been exposed to in the last 2 years.

The Simcenter Simrod at Siemens booth of Automotive testing expo
The Simcenter Simrod at Siemens booth

We spent this time renewing her make-up to make her prettier than ever before: come to our booth to take a look at the extensive instrumentation that we have equipped it with, ranging from our multi-physics acquisition systems to a large variety of sensors to acquire NVH, ride and handling and durability signals.

Suspension strain gauge instrumentation for durability testing
Suspension strain gauge instrumentation for durability testing

Yet after years of testing and simulations performed on the vehicle, its journey toward a full digital twin is now complete: we are excited to show you how that can be leveraged on the Simcenter platform to support the development of future electric cars.

Simrod acoustic simulation
Simrod Acoustic Simulation

This time, we even placed our own driving robot on it, to showcase how to connect the vehicle to its digital twin to have a closed-loop scenario where we are driving the e-rod in a virtual environment. Sounds cool, right?

Last but not least, we will give you a glimpse of our innovative augmented reality technology: we will virtually bring you to our testing facilities to take a look at the different measurement campaigns we performed on our Simrod.  

What Else?

Structural Dynamics Testing, End-of-line and manufacturing quality testing, electronics thermal testing….just to give you a small preview of the other interesting topics we can show you at our stand 😉

If you are ready to take a ride with us, register here to get your free pass

Siemens AG – Hall 10, booth 1310

June 21st to 23rd – Messe Stuttgart

Don’t forget the Autonomous Vehicle Testing Expo

Yes, we will be there too. The Autonomous Vehicle Testing Expo takes place just next door in the same days, and your pass will be valid for both expositions.

Simcenter Scaptor for Autonomous vehicle data collection
Simcenter Scaptor for Autonomous vehicle data collection

Don’t miss the chance to visit Siemens booth in Hall 6 to explore Simcenter solutions for data collection, validation and certification of autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems.

Check out the website to register

Siemens AG – Hall 6, booth 6318

See you there!

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