Realize LIVE 2024: Exploring the future of design with Siemens NX  

By Jessica Kosar

Get ready to experience the power of innovation and collaboration at Realize LIVE, an annual conference where Siemens customers and experts get together to push the boundaries of what’s possible through Siemens solutions. The highlights will include in-depth sessions on acclaimed solutions from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, including Teamcenter and NX. For an insider’s perspective on what attendees can anticipate with NX, we caught up with Mark Noyce to delve into the immersive sessions he has planned for Realize LIVE 2024. 

About the presenter 

Mark Noyce is an NX Principal Product Architect at Siemens Digital Industries Software who has used NX for roughly 25 years. He is preparing to present at his second Realize LIVE event. 

Tell us about your sessions. What will you present? 

Mechatronics Concept Designer 

My first session focuses on Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD) using the digital twin. For context, in traditional design processes, mechanical and electrical engineering would operate as separate departments and hardly ever collaborate. With mechatronics using Siemens NX, mechanical and electrical design disciplines are integrated within the software, allowing us to interact with the digital twin we’ve designed in real time.  

I will give a live demonstration on how to design a machine from scratch using NX. Beginning with a blank screen, I’ll show the workflow and process from the concept phase to the fully detailed design phase. We’ll see how, using a simple sketch, we can prove that the machine will work. We can check that the sensors and conveyors are in the right place and running at the correct speed. The entire design will be interactive, meaning I can physically press buttons on the digital twin to simulate actions such as turning a conveyor off, speeding it up or increasing the amount of product.  

It’ll be an interactive session, so your own ideas can become part of the live demo. If you have questions or suggestions for the design, we can test those modifications on the spot. 

Example image of a machine designed using Siemens NX.
Sample machine simulated using NX software.

Photorealistic rendering and animation 

For my second session, I will share another live presentation on how to create and make product designs look like realistic photos using NX. Back in the day, you’d have to physically make a product to be able to visualize it properly. Today, we have tools that let us quickly visualize our product during the design review, long before production. This is helpful not only because we can easily fine-tune things like the material or color we want to use, but also because we can create excellent marketing materials from the models.  

I will share some “do’s and don’ts” of rendering to help customers get the most out of the session. Just like there are standard rules of photography, the same ideas apply to rendering in our software. I’ll show the difference that slight changes can make to the rendering to help you significantly improve the quality of your image and highlight what you want to convey to a potential client. 

Who will benefit most from your sessions? 

My sessions will benefit anyone looking to design machinery or visualize their product, regardless of their industry.  

The MCD session will be helpful for people working with any machinery, whether that machinery assembles cars or bakes biscuits. It’s useful not only for creating interactive designs as I mentioned previously, but also for validating changes. With MCD, you can validate the change before rollout to avoid taking the machine offline for hours. Another area where MCD is useful is for training purposes. You can train machine operators to safely and correctly use the digital twin before they’re involved with the actual, expensive equipment.  

The photorealistic rendering session is helpful for anyone who wants to visualize their product before manufacturing, whether that’s a machine or a pair of headphones.  

Has NX made a noticeable impact on any particular industries? 

The automotive industry is a good example. There are so many regulations you must adhere to when designing a car, from the percentage of windscreen that must be cleared by the windscreen wipers to the driver’s comfortability. For example, the Society of Automotive Engineers standards are tightly integrated directly into NX, among many others. So when I create a rough concept design, the software can tell me whether or not I pass the regulation and, if not, what I need to change. 

We have applications that are specific to the marine and aerospace industries and tools to help customers design consumer products. I don’t think there are any industries that wouldn’t benefit from using NX. 

What do you like most about Realize LIVE? 

I like that it allows Siemens customers to explore aspects of the software they may have never seen before. Our software is so expansive, and new versions are released every six months, so sometimes customers are surprised to discover new features and enhancements that are available. Last year at Realize LIVE, after I presented on NX, customers contacted me for several weeks asking questions about utilizing new functionality they didn’t previously know existed. It’s a really valuable way to demonstrate the scope of the software and help customers get the most out of it.  

It’s mutually beneficial for Siemens experts and customers, not only because customers can discover more ways to use the software, but also because solution experts can learn from and be inspired by the customers’ experiences. Customers may use the software in ways we haven’t thought of yet, and it helps us push the boundaries of what we thought was possible and expand our vision of how the software will evolve.  

I’m really looking forward to meeting customers at Realize LIVE 2024 and discussing all things NX. I’ll have my laptop ready to demonstrate NX uses and review anything they want to learn about.  

Don’t miss out on Realize LIVE 2024 

Join us at Realize LIVE 2024 and be part of the future of digital transformation! Realize LIVE 2024 events will take place in May, June and July. Register today to get your pass, learn more about the events and check out Realize LIVE on-demand content in our content library.  

Planning to attend Realize LIVE Americas in Las Vegas? Mark Noyce’s NX Mechatronics Concept Designer session will take place Monday, May 13 at 1:30pm PDT. His photorealistic rendering and animation session will occur Wednesday, May 15 at 4:30pm PDT. Be sure to add these events to your custom agenda and check out our full line up of sessions and speakers in our catalog.

During the conference, don’t forget to stop by the exhibit hall for demonstrations of MCD and photorealistic rendering and animation. We can’t wait to see you there! 

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