From concept to reality: Explore product visualization and AR at Realize LIVE 2024 

By Jessica Kosar

How will the next wave of digital innovation transform your industry? Every year, Realize LIVE unveils technological advancements that drive digital transformation, providing unparalleled opportunities for global leaders and innovators from the Siemens Digital Industries Software community to collaborate and redefine what’s possible. Solution experts share the latest and greatest technology updates, answer questions and perform live tutorials. Attendees across industries network and share valuable insight about their use cases and success with Siemens solutions to inspire others and help Siemens continue to enhance next-generation solutions that accelerate innovation. 

Realize LIVE 2024 will offer hundreds of learning sessions tailored to help attendees realize their organization’s digital transformation. Topics will include AI, Industrial Metaverse, IT/OT and much more. To discover what you can look forward to at this year’s event, we spoke to Enzo Krka who will lead two sessions in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read our conversation below.  

About the presenter

Enzo Krka is a Technical Product Manager overseeing XR visualization and Industrial Metaverse solutions at Siemens Digital Industries Software. He’s been with Siemens since 2015 and is preparing to speak at his third Realize LIVE event this year.  

What will you cover in your sessions at Realize LIVE? 

During my sessions, I will explain how to enhance a product’s market appeal through photorealistic product visualization and how to implement effective augmented reality (AR) work instructions. Let’s start with product visualization. 

Photorealistic product visualization 

This first session focuses on our partnership with NVIDIA, which encompasses photorealistic visualization of products and environments within Teamcenter X. In other words, it covers digital twin visualization in the Industrial Metaverse. We will discuss how to use photorealistic product visualization to support sales, marketing and customer experience use cases, and bridge gaps between engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing departments. 

Augmented reality work instructions 

My second session focuses on our partnership with TeamViewer, which concerns the development of AR work instructions for manufacturing, service and training scenarios. We will discuss how customers across all industry segments can train frontline workers via 3D and 2D AR work instructions on the manufacturing shop floor. We’ll provide examples of how they can leverage and reuse the digital twin maintained within the Teamcenter PLM database to drive the AR content creation process and make that information available to shop floor operators, service technicians and trainees using mobile end devices and applications.  

What can participants expect to gain from your sessions? 

In my session with NVIDIA, you will get an early look into photorealistic visualization capabilities. You’ll learn how to make your product look appealing in a customer experience scenario to help your sales and marketing teams drive sales. For example, if you’re a shipbuilder, we can check out a photorealistic rendering of a yacht in a dockyard. Not only will it include details like sunlight reflecting off the ship, but you will also be able to see the ocean current and tree leaves moving in the wind. We’ll show you how to make your rendering look like the actual physical end product and provide a glimpse of presets and visual environments you can choose from. It’s just one of the multiple ways we’ll highlight how you can get even more out of your Teamcenter processes in the next few years.  

In my session with TeamViewer, you’ll get a hands-on demo explaining how to use Teamcenter in conjunction with the TeamViewer frontline portfolio to create AR 3D content for service manufacturing training. You’ll learn how to portray and process the digital twin to be applicable in downstream processes for frontline workers and how to reuse the bill of process, bill of materials and 3D documentation content to get the most out of your data. We’ll show you all the different uses of TeamViewer, from remote field service support calls to visual picking processes in warehouses and logistics, and share real-world examples of TeamViewer customer success stories.  

What do you like most about Realize LIVE? 

What I like most about the event is that it allows both Siemens customers and Siemens colleagues to ask questions and experience all the new functionalities of our products. You get the chance to try out the cutting-edge, new features of our products and solutions in hands-on breakout sessions, which is a great opportunity that helps us visualize the future of our Siemens Xcelerator portfolio. When diving into the portfolio with the community, we can better visualize our direction and next steps.  

Don’t miss out on Realize LIVE 2024 

Join us at Realize LIVE 2024 and be part of the future of digital transformation!  Realize LIVE 2024 events will take place in May, June and July. Register today to get your pass, learn more about the events and check out Realize LIVE on-demand content in our content library.  

Planning to attend Realize LIVE Americas in Las Vegas? Enzo Krka’s augmented reality session will take place Monday, May 13 at 1:30pm PDT. His photorealistic product visualization session will occur Tuesday, May 14 at 3:15pm PDT. Be sure to add these events to your custom agenda and check out our full line up of sessions and speakers in our catalog

During the conference, be sure to stop by the exhibit hall for demonstrations of AR work instructions and photorealistic product visualization. We can’t wait to see you there! 

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