Printed gas turbine blade for energy generation

Adopting AM for the energy sector

Additive manufacturing has the ability to remove many of the supply chain bottlenecks faced by companies in the energy industry….

3D printed turbine

Additive Manufacturing in the Energy Industry

The energy industry has for a long time been conservative and opposed to changes in its operations. However, the current…

Additive design for aerospace

As we kick off Season 2 of the podcast, we’ll be exploring the various ways in which additive manufacturing impacts…

additive manufacturing in aerospace

Additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry (ep. 2)

With new technology comes new opportunities. Software developers and aerospace manufacturers clearly see the potential of adopting additive manufacturing in part production.

additive manufacturing aviation

Exploring the Impact of Additive Manufacturing in the Aviation Industry (ep. 3)

Follow us on: iTunes Google Podcasts Spotify Stitcher TuneIn RSS Additive manufacturing (AM) has made it possible to manufacture lighter…

Fueling the power and determination of the aerospace and defense community

As we adapt and learn how to deal with this global pandemic, please know that the Siemens Aerospace and Defense…

additive manufacturing

Podcast series: Additive manufacturing – an industrial revolution (Part 5) – challenges and future of AM

Additive manufacturing is a greenfield technology, and it’s so rare in a career that you get to work on something…

additive manufacturing materials

Podcast series: Additive manufacturing – an industrial revolution (Part 4) – materials solutions

Today we continue our conversation from Episode 3 of our Additive Manufacturing Podcast, where we talked about how customers are…

Siemens Materials Solutions

Podcast series: Additive manufacturing – an industrial revolution (Part 3)

We talk a lot in this series about how Additive Manufacturing promotes innovation. Many of the uses for this technology…