Designing High-Performance Buildings with Evoke

By Lauren Viel

A few decades back, climate change and carbon emissions were rarely considered when designing buildings. Instead, a lot of focus was put on designing pretty buildings that were comfortable and affordable. This usually resulted in poor performance buildings that consumed too much energy and didn’t last long without requiring major renovations.

Evoke Buildings Engineering is seeking to change that by utilizing building science to design buildings that are both energy efficient and durable.

Today, I’m talking to two guests, Patrick Roppel, Building Science Specialist at Evoke, and Nicolas Proulx-Jones, Building Science Engineer, also from Evoke. They’ll help us understand the process of designing high-performance buildings and the science behind it.

In this episode, you’ll learn what the field of building science involves and what it takes to be designated as a building scientist. You’ll also learn what the term building envelope thermal bridging means. Additionally, you’ll hear why Evoke chose Siemens NX and how their experience with the solution has been so far.

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Guest: Patrick Roppel - Co-Founder of Evoke Buildings

Guest: Patrick Roppel – Co-Founder of Evoke Buildings

Patrick is a co-founder of Evoke Buildings and building science specialist with over 18 years of consulting experience related to building science and energy efficiency. Patrick’s focus is with manufacturers and industry organizations to evaluate their systems, help with positioning in the marketplace, optimize or enhance their products, and collaborates on R&D projects that address knowledge gaps in the building industry.

Guest: Nicolas Proulx-Jones - Building Science Engineer at Evoke Buildings

Guest: Nicolas Proulx-Jones – Building Science Engineer at Evoke Buildings

Nicolas is a Building Science Engineer (EIT) with an interesting background.  After studying and practicing in electrical engineering, he decided to pursue his passion for buildings by completing a Master of Building Science.  His keen interest for component modeling and hygrothermal analysis is well complimented by his continued involvement with new construction and rehabilitation projects.  Nicolas is also the resident expert at Evoke for instrumentation and measurements.

Host: Paul Musto - Portfolio Development Executive at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Host: Paul Musto – Portfolio Development Executive at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Paul Musto is a Portfolio Development Executive for Siemens Digital Industries Software focused on delivering design and simulation software solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMB), including companies in the early startup stage. Prior to his current role at Siemens, Paul was Director of Marketing for the Electronic Board Systems segment at Mentor Graphics (now part of Siemens), responsible for driving product strategy, go-to-market solutions, and market development. Paul has over 30 years of electronics and software design experience. Prior to joining Mentor, Paul led a software development organization at Cadence Design Systems, responsible for Cadence’s electronic engineering implementation tools. Throughout his career, Paul has extensive experience serving in various technical, product marketing, and business development roles. Paul holds a B.S.E.E. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA

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