The power of PCB design automation

By Stephen Chavez

Simply put, when it comes to PCB design software, design automation is the automation of specific tasks throughout your PCB design process. There are many functions or processes within PCB design that can be automated. But as much as benefits, there are typical roadblocks that you’ll see when moving toward design automation, such as having less control of the design and PCB designers being unfamiliar with the automated functions available within their PCB design tool.

I’m your host, Steph Chavez. This is officially the first episode of Season Three of the Printed Circuit Podcast. For the first episode of this season, we’ll focus on design automation. And here to join me in this discussion is John Medina, owner of High-Speed Design Services.

In this episode, you will learn about the necessity of automation in the design process, especially for repetitive tasks. You will also hear more about how automation aids in planning and executing complex tasks, such as high pin count BGA (Ball Grid Array) breakout and PCB routing. In addition, the conversation also highlights the importance of planning and visualization in PCB design, which automation tools greatly facilitate.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Design automation tools for PCB and package engineering (07:11)
  • Automation in PCB design, balancing quality and speed (16:29)
  • The importance of embracing PCB design automation and staying aware of new techniques and best practices (19:47)
  • The importance of understanding materials and fabrication in PCB design(25:36)
John Medina

John Medina

Owner / President, High Speed Design Services, LLC

Steph Chavez

Steph Chavez

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Siemens


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