Next Generation Design Podcast: AI, Machine Learning and CAD Algorithms are changing your 3D CAD workflows

How is product engineering changing?

For design engineers looking for significant innovation and productivity option, a lot of attention has been given to design algorithm computing; which provides the ability to explore hundreds if not thousands of design variations based on a users multidisciplinary constraints and requirements, before any product decisions are made. What a computer can do for a business behind the scenes is becoming more necessary then ever given the rate at which change and innovation needs to happen for companies large and small.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning also now has the capacity to provide an enormous improvement to daily user productivity as it relates to the way expertise of common workflows are made standard throughout an organization; whether dealing with a veteran employee or newcomer. Additionally, NX in particular, can now provide things like visual assistant dynamic learning, making tools easy to use, with one click help, videos and interactive demonstrations, if unfamiliar with a new UI one click to provide answers to all user questions.

Gained experience and on the job training has never been so easy!

There are a lot of features and functionality that goes into a claim of providing “the Most Productive Modeling software” and certainly lots to live up to beginning with quality, robustness, versatility and flexibility to name a few. In this month’s Next Generation Design podcast episode, Siemens NX team members Tod Parrella, Mike Yoder and Jennifer Piper, sit down and discuss what design engineers are looking for when it comes to 3D CAD tech and how NX is delivering on these promises of the future, today.

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Next Generation Design

Next Generation Design

As product engineering tools continue to morph and expand at speeds human expertise may not be able to endure, Revolutionary design technologies that span beyond industry borders, will prove their necessity for companies looking to take over their markets in the future. What will the future of design technologies and machinery look like? What will your digitalization story be? Where engineering meets tomorrow.

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