PODCAST: A Renaissance of Innovation through Generative Engineering and Integrated Validation

There is a limit to innovation when we start from something very well known. We tend to already be focused on what we can and can’t do, instead of new ways of approaching a design.

When we are open to the exploration of design possibilities, and apply new methods, allowing a generative algorithms, for example to do the investigation for us, this provides a great opportunity to innovate in new ways.  The possibilities of innovation with a generative engineering and integrated validation approach are endless. This technology brings forth with it a renaissance of innovation in new, more expansive ways not possible without the computing capability it provides.

Generative engineering & integrated validation is a term used in many applications, broadly referring to the building of design systems architecture in a computational way. Computational algorithms and artificial intelligence are used to concentrate on product definition requirements provided and iterate over hundreds of thousands of design ideas, in order to judge/ validate their viability, automatically.

In this Next Generation Design podcast episode Jennifer Piper sits down with Tod Parrella and Boris Lauber of Siemens Digital Industries Software for a roundtable discussion on generative engineering technology and the innovation power this technology is unlocking for its users across all industries.

The role of design engineer remains critical throughout the product lifecycle; however, we now see the position evolving into an orchestrator over the entire design process, providing human interaction to guide and evaluate output; critical to the success of generative engineering.

Tune in now to this episode of the Next Generation Design Podcast: A Renaissance of Innovation through Generative Design and Integrated Validation

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